Can I use the internet in your hotel?

  • Free Wifi is available in the hotel.

Does the hotel provide baby beds?

  • A complimentary baby bed is placed in your room at your request. Children up to the age of 3 stay in our hotel for free.

Where can I leave my valuables?

  • All rooms have a safety deposit box.

Where can I leave my luggage after I have checked out of the hotel?

  • The hotel has a luggage room where you can safely store your belongings.

Is the hotel reception closed at night?

  • Hotel Multatuli is open 7 days a week, 24 hours per day. Our staff will be at your service at any time

What do I do when I get ill during my stay in your hotel?

  • If you need medical assistance the reception will call a doctor upon your request. Doctors visits to your room cost 80 to 100 euro. Check your medical insurance for a refund of the fee.

Will my room be exactly the same as on the website pictures?

  • The website photo’s are to give an impression of our guest rooms. They have been carefully selected and are representative of the hotel ambiance. However, your room may be slightly different than the ones you have seen on the photos.

I have no credit card. Can I still book a room in Hotel Multatuli?

I would like to cancel my reservation. What are the conditions for cancellation?

  • Once you have booked a room you may cancel free of charge until 48 hours prior to the arrival date. Please bear in mind that the day of arrival starts at 00.00 hrs (CET). If you cancel too late, or fail to arrive on the agreed day, we will charge you for the first night of your reservation. Please see our Reservations & Cancellations Policy.

My credit card statement says I have paid my hotel bill even before my arrival in the hotel. How is that possible?

  • When you made your reservation you provided your credit card details. Hotel Multatuli used this information to request authorisation by your credit card company. This is a standard procedure to certify that credit limits allow for potential expenses. Some credit card companies inform card holders about authorisation requests. In this case your bank statement may report a temporary limitation of your credit maximum up to the amount of your reservation. This is by no means a real payment. No money has been transferred to the hotel. You pay for the number of nights you wish to stay when you arrive in the hotel. You can do so with cash or by pin. The limitation of your credit maximum will be cancelled immediately. If you prefer to pay by credit card you then validate the credit card transaction. Only at this point your credit maximum will be reduced with the expenses due. Reservations & Cancellations Policy.

How do I get from Schiphol to Hotel Multatuli?

  • The speediest and most economical way of transportation is by train, directly from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central Station. You will find Hotel Multatuli after walking less than 5 minutes, just across the station’s square. The journey by train takes 15 to 19 minutes. Train Information

Can I travel by Schiphol Hotel Shuttle bus to and from the hotel?

  • Yes you can. From Schiphol you need to arrange the journey by yourself. From the hotel the reception will make the arrangements for you. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes. Shuttle Information

Can I park my car near the hotel?

  • Hotel Multatuli does not have private parking spaces. However, just across the road (a one minute walk) you’ll find parking facilities at Q-Park. The fee per day is approximately 50 euros. Inside the city centre (5 minutes’ drive) less-expensive facilities charge around 15 euros per day. The hotel reception is happy to inform by finding suitable parking spaces. Parking Information

At what time do I need to clear my room at the day of departure?

  • You may stay in your room until 11.00 hrs. Only after consulting the reception you can stay longer. The reception may have to charge you for an extended time of stay.

At what time can I make use of my room?

  • You may enter your guest room from 13.00 hrs on the day of your arrival. Upon early arrival you may make use of your room as soon as our staff has arranged it for your convenience.

Can I smoke in the hotel?

  • Dutch law prohibits smoking in our hotel and its guest rooms. Fines, which may amount to 300 euro, will be added to your bill. The use of drugs (including cannabis and hashish) is strictly forbidden in the entire hotel.

Is my dog allowed into your hotel?

  • Sorry, pets are not permitted in our hotel.